Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Dear Hearthstone:

            I am sending you this email about my interesting experience this week.  My wife and I and our 2 children have lived in West Virginia for about 6 years.  We have never had anything come through here like hurricane Sandy.  The wind was howling, trees were falling down; streets were covered in snow.  It was a horror movie!  We lost power for 2 days and we are all doing much better. As you can see my power is back and we have been recovering. 

            The reason I am sending you this letter is to talk about my Hearthstone stove.  We have owned a Hearthstone wood stove and have owned it for about 3 years.  After we lost power we had flashlights and candles but they did not suffice in our home.  It was still very dark and my children were afraid.  I got the idea to fire up the stove to see if it would do anything.  I did about an hour after losing power.  That's when I used the wood I had stored in the garage, and got the fire going.  Within minutes our whole living room was filled with light.  As the time went by it grew colder and the next day we had snow on the ground!  For two nights I spent with my family in my living room sharing Halloween stories and playing board games, It has been the most amazing 2 days we have had as a family since we've lived here. 

            Your stove kept us comfortably warm for 2 days and provided us with light for the days we did not have power.  I am so grateful for owning a Hearthstone.  It is by far the best purchase I have made as it brought my family closer together during a tragic time.  The kids now prefer turning the lights off and having the stove working.  It might get very hot in my house soon.  I would not give up my Hearthstone for anything and I owe it all to you guys.  You have made a difference in our lives; our Hearthstone is part of the family now!

Thank you Hearthstone and continue providing families like mine with AMAZING products. 

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